Freitag, 26. August 2016

El Salvador

Xavier Garcia (CD FAS)
El Salvador vs. Costa Rica (1:1) | Gold Cup 2015 | 2015 in USA
While it is extremely easy to get a shirt of the "La Selecta" it is extremely hard to get a an original shirt of them. Especially the US-American eBay is seriously flooded with about 100 fakes at any time.
After many years of looking out for an El Salvador shirt I recently finally found one for as little as 33€ including shipping. Actually I bought a totally different design of the team, but the seller made a listing mistake and was out of stock with this older design. Fair enough, he offered to send me their latest shirts, which he usually sells for about double the price.
Unfortunately El Salvador stopped having amazing sublimated prints all over the shirt and turned to a design, which could be friendly described as "classic", or boring.

Ivory Coast 3

Didier Drogba (FC Chelsea, ENG)
Ivory Coast vs. Portugal (0:0) | WC 2010 in South Africa
Another very rare and nice matchworn shirt from an African giant from a reliable source! I always preferred the Black Stars of Ghana, not the Ivory Coast, but obviously there is no way to deny that they are amongst the grands in Africa for a whole era now. While individuals like Drogba, Salomon Kalou, Gervinho and Wilfried Bony always convinced and inspired me alot, but they never seemed to be a proper team to me, unfortunately. In addition, Ivory Coast always was extremely unlucky with draws for World Cups, ending in a group Argentina, the Netherlands and Serbia&Montenegro in 2006 and with Portugal and Brazil in 2010, when the best Ivorian generation was at its peak.
I purchased the team on eBay for 75€ including shipment. The source was extremely trustful as he claimed to me that he is a private friend of Guy Demel, who also signed the shirt, and sold about 20 shirts of this particular player. Given the low profile of Demel I see little to no reason for this story to be fake and thus believe in the shirt to be fully legit.

Croatia 2

Ivan Perisic (Inter, ITA)
Croatia vs. Hungary 1:1 | friendly 2016 in Hungary
Finally a shirt with a quirky story again! I already had a "Croatia 2" shirt here and it was matchworn as well, by Josip Simunic. However I never was extremely happy as I seriously dislike Simunic for his aggressive and anti-football style of "play", mainly in the Bundesliga.
Funny enough a Croatian collector was absolutely after it. He has a collection of Simunic matchworn shirts and actually had a matchworn Simunic Croatia shirt in every single design he ever wore, except the one I had. So he was chasing for about 2 years until I finally sent him the shirt with the promise to get me a new Croatia matchworn as a replacement. It took another year or so, but finally he approached me with this beauty of a shirt. I really love that Croatia finally had some variation in their rather boring white-red chequered design.
The shirt was worn in a preparation match to the Euros 2016, where Croatia was one of the most disappointing teams to me, on the pitch as well as on the stands. It was worn in a 1:1 draw vs. Hungary, which was again one of the most positive surprises of the Euros to me.
The player who wore, Perisic, is like the total opposite to Simunic as well. He was one of the nicest guys in the Bundesliga for many years in Dortmund and Wolfsburg, before he moved on to Inter lately.



Gino Mulder (Quick den Haag, NED)
Aruba vs. Antigua & Barbuda 2:1 | Carribean Cup 2017 qualifiers | 2016 in Barbuda
Bam! Finally I can tick another box! This Aruba shirt was available for quite a while already in the offical Admiral online shop. I though one was ordered for me already, but then found out that I was left out from a bulk order for some unknown reason.
So I had to take initative on my own. As Admiral does ship to Italy, but not to Germany, for whatever reasons, I had to ask my Canadian mate Eric for help. Of course he was willing to assist once again, as he always perfectly does with all the CONCACAF members. Thanks loads again for that mate!
For no particular reason I chose the number 7 of Gino Mulders, who is earning his money in Den Haag, even though for semi-pro "Quick" and not the much bigger ADO. As the national team never has names printed on the shirt I obviously decided to not have a name as well.
The design is perfectly colourful and as yellow/skyblue was always by far my favorite colour combination, I am truly in love with the shirt. I am still looking for a good reason for the red numbering, though. Any ideas?

Nigeria 2

Benedict Akwuegbu (Grazer AK, AUT)
2000, unknown match
Again this Nigeria shirt is an upgrade to the already existing one, as it, other than the first one, a matchworn piece. It came directly from Benedict Akwuegbu, who had a suitcase of old shirts at home and sold them through a good friend, who again is a shirt collector and contacted me about it. Of course I couldn't resist and took the opportunity as it is definitely not easy at all to get hold of any worn shirts from the bigger African nations!
Just like Akwuegbu I personally spent a few years of my professional life in the tiny sleepy city of Siegen, so we do have something in common. On the other, looking to Benedicts vita which includes jobs from Basingstoke, Harelbeke, Beijing and Kärnten, probably everyone finds a place he shared with him for a while.
All my thanks go to Patrick for selling off Benedicts shirt and helping me to get hold of this vintage masterpiece!

Andorra 2

Marco Vieira (Atletico Monzon, ESP)
Andorra vs. Russia (0:2) | Euro 2012 qualifiers | 2010 in Andorra
Even though I have a similarly dull and boring Andorra shirt already, this is quite a huge addition. Not only did it come from a good friend of mine, fellow collector Andreas and is matchworn, it only kind of "replaces" my old shirt for which I never found any match picture and thus still have doubts about.
Unfortunately the shirt is from the boring old times in Andorra, when the team only got plain templates from Adidas and alike. Nowadays they bring extremely colourful and beautiful shirts to the pitch luckily.

Sonntag, 14. August 2016

Haiti 2

Gloman Pierre (Football Inter Club Association)
Haiti vs. Ecuador (2:0) | Gold Cup 2002 in the USA

For no particular reason, except for this ridicolous and thus absolutely stunning design, I bought this shirt on ebay when it popped up for not more than 34€ including shipping to my door. The design was worn in the 2002 season and is made by the Spanish company Finta.
Browsing hours and hours for pictures of this design in action, and not only the team pic above, I totally failed, though. Even if the design was worn in a major event, the Gold Cup 2002, pictures of actual game scenes seem to be non existing. So I just took a very good quality screenshot of the FOX highlights from youtube.